The Colville Business Council hereby adopts the 1989 edition of the Council of American Building Officials (CABO) One and Two Family Dwelling Code and future modifications thereto to be included in the Colville Tribal Building Code. The Director of Public Works is hereby appointed as the "building official" as designated in the Building Code. Copies of the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code shall be filed with the Public Works and Planning Departments and the Office of the Code Revisor and made available for public inspection.

(Adopted 12/5/91, Resolution 1991-447)

The Model Energy Code set forth in Chapter 53 of the Uniform Building Code and the Model Energy Code referred to in Part VII of the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code are hereby replaced with the 1987 version of the Northwest Energy Code under Chapter 6-4 of this Code.

(Adopted 12/5/91, Resolution 1991-448)