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Opinions from 1993 to date are found at U.S. Department of the Interior. Office of the Solicitor

Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs 1917-1974

Washington, United States Government Printing Office

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Volume 1


Volume 2

M-2047 M-27700 M-33633 M-36275
M-2258 M-27728 M-33709 M-36277
M-2655 M-27744 M-33717 M-36283
M-4017 (S) M-27750 M-33821 M-36284
M-4018 M-27759 M-33857 M-36285
M-5379 (S) M-27770 M-33893 M-36288
M-5386 M-27776 M-33902 M-36289
M-5613 M-27788 M-33915 M-36291
M-5702 M-27796 M-33936 M-36296
M-5805 M-27810 M-33937 M-36297
M-6083 M-27814 (S) M-33967 M-36300
M-6224 M-27816 M-34027 M-36304
M-6376 M-27833 M-34030 M-36305
M-6383 M-27843 M-34056 M-36306
M-6882 M-27878 M-34238 M-36307
M-7002 M-27882 M-34262 M-36312
M-7193 M-27902 M-34297 M-36316
M-7316 (S) M-27903 M-34326 M-36318
M-7599 M-27939 M-34330 M-36319
M-7996 M-27963 M-34393 M-36320
M-8370 M-27996 M-34459 M-36323
M-8860 M-27998 M-34500 M-36324
M-8971 M-28028 M-34572 M-36325
M-9094 M-28029 M-34583 M-36326
M-10068 M-28033 M-34620 M-36327
M-10526 M-28086 M-34681 M-36331
M-11094 M-28107 M-34711 M-36333
M-11108 M-28108 M-34721 M-36334
M-11291 M-28120 M-34739 M-36337
M-11380 M-28125 M-34758 M-36338
M-11410 M-28183 M-34796 M-36340
M-11879 M-28184 M-34814 M-36341
M-12198 M-28197 M-34815 M-36342
M-12498 M-28198 M-34829 M-36344
M-12509 M-28231 M-34836 M-36346
M-12746 M-28256 M-34842 M-36347
M-12874 M-28259 M-34857 M-36350
M-13270 M-28309 M-34863 M-36354
M-13344 M-28316 M-34899 M-36358
M-13772 M-28317 M-34912 M-36359
M-13807 (S) M-28519 M-34921 M-36360
M-13864 M-28525 M-34926 M-36361
M-13866 M-28568 M-34936 M-36362
M-14017 M-28589 M-34956 M-36363
M-14233 M-28614 M-34976 M-36365
M-14237 M-28701 M-34987 M-36367
M-15849 M-28811 M-34989 M-36368
M-15954 M-28850 M-34990 M-36369
M-17187 M-28869 M-34996 M-36380
M-17687 M-28958 M-35003 M-36381
M-18320 M-28978 M-35013 M-36387
M-18423 M-29097 M-35027 M-36393
M-18604 M-29147 M-35028 M-36395
M-18772 M-29156 M-35029 M-36409
M-19190 M-29232 M-35032 M-36410
M-19225 M-29560 M-35040 M-36426
M-20183 M-29566 M-35049 M-36444
M-20612 M-29596 M-35064 M-36447
M-20888 M-29616 M-35068 M-36448
M-21642 M-29619 M-35075 M-36450
M-21849 M-29620 M-35077 M-36455
M-22121 M-29669 (S) M-35087 M-36456 (S)
M-22708 M-29791 M-35089 M-36471
M-23117 M-29797 M-35093 M-36473
M-23421 M-29798 M-35095 M-36476
M-23422 M-29867 M-35096 M-36477
M-24173 M-29908 M-35097 M-36482
M-24284 M-29961 M-36000 M-36495
M-24293 M-29999 M-36003 M-36509
M-24358 M-30026 M-36005 M-36510
M-24735 M-30133 M-36007 M-36515
M-25107 M-30146 (S) M-36012 M-36524
M-25214 M-30230 M-36015 M-36536
M-25258 M-30256 M-36016 M-36538
M-25260 M-30582 M-36017 M-36540
M-25278 M-30589 M-36029 M-36549
M-25281 M-30604 M-36030 M-36557
M-25347 M-30655 M-36033 M-36563
M-25698 M-30767 M-36037 M-36575
M-25737 M-30793 M-36040 M-36599
M-25873 M-30807 M-36049 M-36604
M-25930 M-30849 M-36051 (S) M-36606
M-25999 M-30851 M-36066 M-36608
M-26034 M-30898 M-36069 M-36628
M-26067 M-30920 M-36071 M-36638
M-26075 M-30923 M-36078 M-36639
M-26163 M-30984 M-36081 M-36644
M-26395 M-31038 M-36084 M-36651
M-26489 M-31039 (S) M-36090 M-36652
M-26520 M-31064 M-36092 M-36658
M-26583 M-31122 M-36095 M-36662
M-26667 M-31134 M-36108 M-36667
M-26672 M-31155 M-36110 M-36671
M-26673 M-31156 (S) M-36118 M-36693
M-26690 M-31194 M-36119 M-36708
M-26731 M-31237 M-36120 M-36709
M-26750 M-31324 M-36121 M-36714
M-26882 M-31351 M-36123 M-36741
M-26915 M-31404 M-36124 M-36752
M-26927 M-31417 M-36127 M-36768
M-27068 M-31476 M-36128 M-36770
M-27121 M-31480 M-36141 M-36771
M-27124 M-31552 M-36142 M-36791
M-27127 M-31576 M-36146 M-36793
M-27145 M-31579 M-36148 (S) M-36799
M-27158 M-31582 M-36155 M-36800
M-27185 M-31634 M-36157 M-36802
M-27228 M-31653 M-36158 M-36803 (S)
M-27239 M-31684 M-36162 M-36810
M-27343 M-31724 M-36164 M-36811
M-27369 M-31861 M-36166 M-36813
M-27381 M-31897 M-36170 M-36815
M-27487 M-32071 M-36172 M-36840
M-27491 M-32087 M-36175 M-36855
M-27499 M-32093 M-36178 (S) M-36856
M-27500 M-33165 M-36181 M-36860
M-27512 M-33246 M-36183 M-36864
M-27514 M-33319 M-36184 M-36867
M-27540 M-33321 M-36185 M-36876
M-27541 M-33339 M-36186
M-27554 M-33374 M-36200
M-27596 M-33414 M-36205
M-27631 M-33441 M-36231
M-27636 M-33510 M-36241
M-27645 M-33561 M-36246
M-27654 M-33564 M-36247
M-27656 (S) M-33597 M-36248
M-27671 M-33603 M-36252
M-27681 M-33615 M-36257
M-27690 M-33626 M-36267

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